From a trailer park in Mishawaka, Indiana to Beverly Hills adjacent, Tammy Tavares has built a colorful resume of strip clubs, sugar daddies and a failed career in hairdressing, which has bizarrely landed her in a stable marriage and become the foundation for her comedy.


Tammy’s chaotic childhood made her well-prepared for a career in Hollywood (#metoo). In addition to the 12 years she played Dr. Karen Bader on Days of Our Lives, Tammy has appeared on Two and a Half Men, Drop Dead Diva, Las Vegas, N.Y.P.D. Blue and General Hospital. Her film roles include Mike Nichols’ What Planet Are You From?; Beautiful Girl with Brendan Sexton III and Fuel, which won the Grand Jury Award at the Lisbon International Film Festival and Best Experimental Film in Mexico City International Film Festival in 2007.

After 20 years playing roles ranging from Doctors to Dominatrix, the stories of Tammy’s white trash family roots told on the crisp, clean wool carpets of her Los Angeles condo were enough to push her to the stages of local open mics. Since then, Tammy has quenched her artistic thirst through tales of teenage parents, spending a year as a stripper hooked on Vicodin, and the toughest of all, being a wife.

Tammy resides in 9021-almost with her handsome, Germanic husband and their two cream-colored chow chows Zuma & Zoey, or better known as her fur children.